BoSang Fishing Park


Fishing at BoSang Fishing Park is just incredible.  My guide said that no one has ever not caught here and he asked me how many fish I wanted to catch that day before we started.   They have great service where a driver picks you up and they provide all the fishing gear and they even make their own unique bait which the fish love.  The lunch was very good as well.  Even though it cause 1,700 Bhat I really enjoyed this and I think it is a great place for beginners.

What to bring (or buy)

They have everything you need here including a great lunch.  The only thing is that they only give you two drinks free so you should bring some extra money to purchase drinks.

  • Insect repellent (the best was the repellent band) 
  • Sunblock  
  • A fishing weighing scale and maybe a sling
  • You need a camera as you may catch your biggest fish ever here as I did

The fishing technique

The technique is simple.  BoSang prepare their unique attracting bait which is a combination of chocolate, strawberries, yam, donuts and bread fermented for weeks.  It smells delicious so no wonder the fish love it. The fishing tackle they have is a heavy duty spin casting rod and reel.  The terminal tackle includes a spiral cage trap for bait followed by a bead and swivel and 80 lbs fishing line and a large hook.  

The guide mixes the attracting bait and cut the bread hook bait for you.  A large tennis ball of attracting bait is formed and placed on the trap and a piece of bread is put on the hook.  The bread is either left free or embedded into the ball of bait.  A spot in the lake is determined (for us it was an island across the lake) and a cast is made towards the spot.  You learn to cast at the start of the fishing.  Once the line is out, the reel is set on free running and the rod is tightened and left on the ground.  Within 5 to 10 minutes you will have action on your rod.  This could be line bites or the major bite.  Generally ignore the line bites as these fish are really big and they contact your fishing line regularly as they look for your bait.  The reel bite is the one that takes your rod in the water. One needs to give a good hook set.  My trick is to grab the line against the rod and set the hook so I don’t have to tighten the drag before setting the hook. 

My experience

The fishing was incredible.  After a few casts I figured it out and was into a fish within 30 minutes.  The fish were big and some took me 100 m down the lake.  We had fish after fish after fish all day.  The biggest was 40 kg and several were in the 30 kg category!  You don’t get any more exciting fishing that this where you have free running line and a fish that could pull the rod (and maybe you) in the water.  The nice part is that I can imagine someone who has never fished before catching a monster.  The guide is very nice and the food was great; rice, sweet and sour pork, omelette and tofu soup.   I highly recommend trying fishing here if you are in Chiang Mai.

How to make it happen

Bo Sang Fishing Park has very good service and you can book with them.  There are half day and full day packages.  

Key tip

I would say bring a nice camera and get ready for a busy and tiring day.  

One of the guys fishing walked past us told me he gave up on fishing after catching 3 fish because he was tired.  I think I had more than 20 fish that day (some playing for 30 min) and I could have kept on catching. The key is know how to use the rod to save your arm strength by torquing the rod with the butt of the rod against your stomach with your hand well up above the hand as they puts stress on the fish and reduces the amount to strength you need to pull the fish in.  Then it becomes a pull up and reel down exercise with the occasional strong run in between.  You can then catch all day like I did. 

Another tip is the guide can also switch to float setup.  I had no problem catching on the bottom but using a flow is also effective in catching.